Maredata en 13th IDCC-International data curation conference 2018. Hotel NH Hesperia, Barcelona. 19-21 febrero 2018. Crónica de Fernanda Peset.

Marco incomparable para disfrutar, para relacionarse y para presentar ante una comunidad mundial las líneas de trabajo y resultados de MAREDATA. IDCC es una conferencia orientada especializada en gestión de datos científicos que ya cuenta con su 13ª edición. Este año celebrada en Barcelona… Y allí estuvimos MAREDATA.

Eva Méndez, atendiendo EOSC Workshop. Fernanda Peset, sesión plenaria y sesión de posters, con su correspondiente MinuteMadness (después de comer, para levantar los ánimos…).

He aquí un par de imágenes del congreso:

IDCC13_Barcelona_2018 maredata subida (1)peset.f

“Once upon a time, in Spain, there was several research groups which were interested in the same area: RESEARCH DATA AND OPEN DATA. Most of them proceeded from the library and information science, but one from the knowledge management and other from computer science. We were all at the national conference of LIS FESABID at 2015 and thought that WE MUST TO JOIN OUR FORCES. All were colleagues since time ago. So, we applied to the funds for thematic networks by MINECO in 2015, et voila WE WON NEW FRIENDS and now we work in a coordinated way of our research lines and make force together with guidelines and so on.

And more: Now MAREDATA is including friends from abroad: at the last plenary of RDA in Barcelona we proposed a new geographical chapter: RDA Iberia, with the Portuguese and Spanish governments. We reached a new dimension, with 90 attendees at 1st RDA Iberia.  

Are you in Iberia? Do you like research opendata? Ask me.

The next appointment will be at Porto, September! 22nd International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries

Join the Research Open Data Pandilla”

Peset, F.; Melero, R.; Abadal, E.; Aleixandre, R.; Canals, A.; Ferrer, A.; Garrigós, I.; Hernández, T.; Mazón, JN.; Méndez, E.; Ollé, C.; López-Borrull, A. (2018). Maredata, the Spanish thematic network about open research data (2015-2018). Objectives and metrics. 13th IDCC, Beyond FAIR – from principles to practice to global join up  2018, 19-21 February Barcelona.